Friday, 10 June 2016


Hybrids You Never Knew Existed
1.WHOLPHIN: This is the combination of a "male false killer Whale" and a "female bottlenose Dolphin". The "Wholphin" is a unique but rare hybrid which I personally hope to see someday.
2.LIGER: Ever pondered upon what happens if everyone's top wild cats (the lion and the tiger) should produce an offspring together? Well, think no further. The Liger is a cross between a male Lion and a Tigress and is the largest of all known extant felines (even bigger than the Lion and Tiger).
3.TIGON: Imagine if the Liger's cross was reversed and it becomes a cross between a male Tiger and  a Lioness you'll get a "Tigon". The Tigon is not as large as a Liger but is about the size of a Tiger.
4.MULE: The Mule is an hybrid of cage birds. It is a combination of the Goldfinch and Canary. It is sterile but bred for its attractive look and sweet singing voice.
5.ZORSE: A Zorse is a zebroid/zebra hybrid (i.e a crossbreed involving a zebra and any other equine). It is the combination of a zebra and a horse.
6.ZONKEY: A Zonkey is also a zebroid. It is the result of a cross between a male Zebra and a female Donkey. If the cross is made between a male Donkey and female Zebra, the offspring is called a zebadonk. But sadly, the Zonkey is also a sterile creature like the Liger and the Mule and cannot produce an offspring of its own.
7.COYDOY: A Coydoy is a hybrid formed by a cross between a Male Coyote and a female dog. The reverse is also possible to give rise to a " Dogote".
8.SAVANNAH CAT: The Savannah cat is a mix consisting of the Serval and a domestic cat. An adorable feature of this hybrid is that it makes a great house pet.
9.GEEP: Ever wondered what happens when an animal as stubborn as a Goat is mixed with a Sheep, the result is a Geep. Geeps are very rare hybrids because the parents are not only of different species but also of different genera resulting in a chromosomal difference which makes most Geeps stillborn.
10.BEEFALO: This is a combination of a Cow and the American Buffalo. A Beefalo's meat is found to contain less cholesterol and fat.

Fadare Shalom

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