Thursday, 7 July 2016


            After several attacks, robberies and abductions by militants on residents of Imose community, Ado odo ota local government area of Ogun state on the water. The militants have taken a step further by leaving the water and coming into the town.

            Just a week ago, after series of attacks, robberies, kidnaps and speculations about letters being sent by the militants; residents of Imose decided to abstain from going out of Imose through water and resorted to going by land, through an alternative route (Igbesa/Agbara) which is more expensive and much farther than going by water (boat). This development posed serious challenges to residents of Imose community, especially those working outside the town (Lagos) as the situation of things made it difficult for workers to continue going to work daily. This among other factors like fear forced several residents (home owners and indigenes inclusive) to flee from the town in their numbers with their bags and baggage.
 Asides few rumours here and there, things went on smoothly for a while (even though most residents of Imose and even Totowu, a neighbouring town had left) until today around 3p.m when it was actually confirmed that 6 of the militants had gathered courage, brought their boat and entered the town. This incited serious anger in the minds of some of the indigenes and active youths in the area as the issue was getting out of hand. Those who had the courage (and were well-equipped, “jazzwise”) picked up weapons like cutlasses, axes, machetes, bottles, iron rods, etc.) gave the militants a hot chase.

Eye witnesses informed B.K’s Blog that when the militants were first seen, they said, “No run o, we no find anybody come”. Meaning people shouldn’t run as they had no intention of attacking anybody. Why did they now come??? This remained the rhetorical question on everybody’s lips as no one even waited to get a reply. It was some of those who fled from the area close to the river that ran into the main town to inform others. It was after the information that few courageous people went after them. The town’s people were however, unable to catch up with the militants as they heard rumours that there were still many militants hanging around making them outnumbered and the militants being chased were able to get to the river and leave in their boat before the angry residents caught up with them.

More residents have left the town since this incident occurred today as there are rumours going round that the militants might reinforce and come back again. Plans are currently being made by the town’s heads (Chiefs, Baales, etc.), residents (indigenes and non-indigenes), the Oduduwa Peoples’ Congress (OPC) and other groups that can help to tackle the situation on ground.

Residents of Imose are calling on the Government to look into the matter and work on ways to tackle the issue fast as lives of citizens are at stake.

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