Sunday, 24 July 2016


Historical events that took place on the 24th of July

1870: The 1st trans-United State rail service began

1886: China took possession of the British protectorate of Burma

1900: 2 policemen were killed in a race riot in New Orleans

1915: 852 people were killed after an excursion ship capsized in Lake Michigan

1941: The entire Jewish population in Grodz, Lithuania was executed

1961: A United States’ commercial plane was hijacked

1976: John Naber became the 1st person to swim the 200m backstroke under 2 minutes

1981: Mohammed Ali Rajai was elected as the president of Iran

2011: Plans were announced to begin drilling for oil off the coast of Libya

2011: Over half of the country of Peru entered a state of emergency as a result of unusually cold weather

2012: John Dramani Mahama, the Vice President of Ghana became the President after President John Atta Mills died
2014: Amazon Inc. announced its 2nd highest loss on record ($126 million)



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