Sunday, 14 August 2016


Historical events that took place on the 14th of August

1894: France issued its 1st set of drivers’ licenses

1901: 70 people were killed after the SS Islander hit an iceberg near Alaska and sank

1911: General Leconte was appointed as the temporary President of Haiti

1917: China declared war on Germany and Austria

1920: The Olympic Games opened in Antwerp, Belgium

1936: The 1st Olympic basketball game was played in Berlin

1937: China declared war on Japan

1947: Pakistan gained independence from Britain

1971: Bahrain declared its independence after 110 years of British rule

1989: South African President, Pieter W. Botha resigned

1997: In Argentina public sector and opposition unions called for a 24-hour strike to protest the nation’s 16.1% unemployment rate and proposed labour reforms

2003: A massive power blackout hit 8 north-eastern US states and southern Canada. It shut down 10 major airports and 9 nuclear power stations

2006: In Nigeria Ayo Daramola, a member of the country's ruling party and a potential candidate in Ekiti state, was found stabbed to death in his home,

2007: Suicide bombings killed over 550 people in Iraq

2014: The UN health agency said the death toll from the worst outbreak of Ebola in four decades had now climbed to 1,069 in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone







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