Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Historical events that took place on the 16th of August
1898: The patent for the roller coaster was given to Edwin Prescott

1904: The building of the Grand Central Station began in New York City

1907: Abd al-Hafid proclaimed himself as the sultan of Morocco

1924: The Dutch-Turkish peace treaty was signed

1940: 45 German aircrafts were shot down over England

1948: The Israeli pound became a legal tender

1960: The Republic of Congo was formed

1977: The United States performed a nuclear test at a Nevada Test Site

1985: Pop singer, Madonna got married to Sean Penn on her 27th birthday

1987: 156 people died after a Northwest Airline’s plane crashed in Detroit

1988: Nelson Mandela was struck with tuberculosis

2010: The United States military forces used an air strike to kill an al-Qaeda leader responsible for planning suicide bombings

2013: At least 26 people died and 200 people went missing after a cargo ship collided with a ferry in Cebu, Philippines






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