Historical events that took place on the 14th of June

1846: California declared its independence from Mexico in Sonoma

1864: Congress ruled that black soldiers must receive equal pay

1901: The 1st Golf Championship was played

1907: Norway restricted women’s Voting rights

1934: Hitler and Mussolini met in Vienna

1941: Estonia lost 11,000 inhabitants as a result of mass deportations into Siberia

1946: The Canadian Library Association was established

1958: Nelson Mandela got married to Winnie Madikizela

1972: Hurricane Agnes killed 117 people in some parts of the United States

1983: Five were killed in a fire incident at an Inn in Texas

1990: Police checks for drunk drivers was made constitutional by the Supreme Court

1993: The 1st female Premier of Turkey, Tansu Ciller was appointed

2010: The need for better treatment of migrant workers was declared by China’s Premier, Wen Jiabao after his visit to a construction site

2012: The world’s 1st stem cell assisted vein transplant was carried out by Swedish doctors on a 10 year old girl

2012: Australia declared its plans to construct the world’s largest marine reserve




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