Historical events that took place on the 28th of June

1894: Labour Day became a public holiday

1914: Austria invaded Serbia during World War I

1919: The treaty of Versailles ending World War I was signed in France

1924: 93 people were killed after a tornado struck Ohio

1941: 11,000 Jews were killed by German and Romanian soldiers in Kishinev

1956: Riots left 38 people dead in Poznan, Poland

1958: Brazil became the World Soccer Champion in Sweden

1981: 74 government officials were killed after an attack in Iran

1992: Burharnuddin Rabbani became the President of Afghanistan

1992: 2 Earthquakes hit California (USA)

2012: South Korea announced its plans to sign a “Military Intelligence Pact” with Japan

2014: President Barack Obama requested for $2billion to tackle illegal immigration and improve security at the border with Mexico


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