Historical events that took place on the 20th of June

1867: The purchase of Alaska was announced by President Andrew Johnson

1895: The 1st female PhD degree in science was earned

1936: The 100 meters record was set by Jesse Owens in a record time of 10.2 seconds

1943: 35 people were killed in the Detroit race riot

1948: 20 Jews were killed after a bomb went off in the Jewish quarter of Cairo

1949: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Act was passed

1960: Mali gained its independence from France

1969: Georges Pompidou was sworn in as the President of France

1981: Pope John Paul II was hospitalized for 55 days following an infection

1990: Nelson Mandela arrived in New York City for his United States tour

1990: An earthquake in Iran killed 50,000 people

1994: 70 people were killed in a bomb attack on an Islamic Temple in Iran

2010: A Presidential election was held in Poland after the death of its President

2012: Larry Ellison, the Executive Chairman of Oracle agreed to purchase 98% of Lanai Island in Hawaii

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