Saturday, 11 June 2016


Historical events that took place on the 11th of June

1891: The Puerto Rican flag was adopted

1921: Brazil adopted women Suffrage

1938: An earthquake occurred in Belgium

1940: Italy declared war on allies and raided Malta

1941: planes bombed Tel Aviv leaving 20 Jews dead

1943: British fighters invaded a tiny island south of Sicily called Pantelleria

1951: Mozambique became an oversea Province of Portugal

1955: The 1st magnesium jet airplane flew

1957: A train crash in Colorado killed 12 people

1963: Governor Wallace tried to prevent blacks from registering at the University of Alabama

1971: The United States lifted its ban on China trade

1982: Pope John Paul II visited Argentina

1984: The Supreme Court declared that illegally obtained evidence may be admitted at trial if it could be proved that it would have been discovered legally

1991: Microsoft released MS DOS 5.0

1994: A speech was given by Late M.K.O Abiola announcing the formation of a Government of National Unity (GNU)

2001: The 1995 Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh was executed

2011: Ancient Korean Royal books stolen by French troops in 1866 were returned to South Korea

2014: The tax status of Starbucks in the Netherlands, Apple in Ireland and Fiat in Luxembourg was examined by the European Commission (EC) to identify potential unfair tax advantages




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