Friday, 3 June 2016


Historical events that took place on the 3rd of June

1847: Rotterdam- Hague railway opened

1851: 1st Baseball uniforms were worn

1875: Alexander Graham Bell made the 1st voice transmission

1876: The game of Lacrosse was introduced in Britain and Canada

1906: Leopold II, the Belgian King at that time called Congo his private Possession

1918: A cloudburst killed 120 people in Colorado

1942: The battle of Midway Island began

1946: The 1st Bikini bathing suit was displayed in Paris

1959: The 1st US Air force Academy graduation was held

1962: Air France Boeing 707 crashed on take-off from Paris, 130 people died

1970: 1st artificial gene was synthesized

1972: Sally J. Priesand became the 1st female US Rabbi

1979: Idi Amin fled to Libya

1981: Pope John Paul II was released from a hospital after assassination attempt

1991: The worst eruption in Japanese history occurred

2006: 17 Islamic men were arrested for planning to bomb targets in Toronto, Canada

2012: Dana Air Flight 992, a domestic commercial passenger plane which was travelling from Abuja to Lagos, Nigeria crashed killing all 153 passengers on board and 10 more on the ground

2013: Bill Clinton was paid  $500,000 for a speech given in honour of Israel's President Shimon Peres




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