Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Historical events that took place on the 19th of July

1870: France declared war on Prussia

1940: Hitler ordered Great Britain to surrender

1952: The 15th modern Olympic Games opened in Helsinki, Finland

1966:  A State of Emergency was declared by Governor James Rhodes

1979: 18 year old Maritza Sayalero from Venezuela was crowned the 28th Miss Universe

1981: 22nd modern Olympic Games opened in Moscow, Russia

1982: David Dodge became the 1st American hostage in Lebanon

1984: Lynn Rippelmeyer became the 1st female to captain a 747 across the Atlantic

1985: Over 200 people died after a dam in Italy burst

1989: 112 people were killed after the United Airlines DC-10 crashed in Iowa

1994: Leonid Kvetjsma was sworn in as the President of Ukraine

1994: Bomb explosion in Panama left 21 people dead

1995: 26th Olympic Games opened in Atlanta, Georgia

2012- The United Kingdom froze 100 million pounds of assets owned by Syrian leaders

2014: Russia denied 13 Americans Visa in retaliation to US sanctions against certain individuals





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