Wednesday, 1 June 2016


The World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement today declaring the Republic of Guinea Ebola free. The epidemic which started in Guinea around December 2013 was stated to have been eradicated as six weeks have passed since the last victim with the virus tested negative for the second time.

            Despite the announcement, the World Health Organization recommended a 90-day surveillance to observe and be sure no other Ebola case arises and if any should arise, it would be easy to identify and control it before it can spread .The recommendation was given due to the fact that a declaration like this was made some time in 2015 in which Guinea was also declared Ebola free, but it turned out to be false as fresh Ebola cases sprang up.

Abou Bekr Gaye, the republic of Guinea’s WHO representative emphasized on the need to be vigilant in order to detect and stop any new Ebola case that may occur.


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